Spring of mountains in one cup


Tea Rose Hip

Mountain Mix

Tea Thyme

Thyme + Blackberry leaves

Wild mint


Mountain Tea produces different herbal teas gathered from Armenian mountains:

thyme, wild mint, rosehip, chamomile and herba hyperici.

This range is completed with tea blends of pomegranate flowers,thyme and blackberry leaves, and well-known mountain mix. The tea herbs are gathered in ecologically clean mountains of Armenia.

Mountain Tea is cultivated in a traditional way, without chemical actions and colouring agents.

You can buy Mountain Tea in all supermarkets in Yerevan.

Preparation instructions:

Use 1 teabag per cup.

The taste and flavor of the tea Rose Hip will be better expressed if brew more than other Mountain Teas: 5-7 minutes.
Also, the tea pomegranate flower is better to brew 3-5 minutes.
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